Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Headline of the Week

Appears today in the Greensboro News&Record:
McCrory: State should stay out of local government
He offered that opinion when asked about Sen. Trudy Wade's "local bill" to completely overhaul the Greensboro City Council so that Republicans can win elections there.

“Let me put it this way," McCrory said. "As governor I constantly have to fight Washington not to interfere. I think the same philosophy applies to Raleigh interfering with local governments.”

Ya think?

There are two many examples to list here, including the Soucek/Jordan "local bill" to take away Boone's extraterritorial control over development. But as with Soucek/Jordan, the Trudy Wade dismantlement of Greensboro City Council is beyond the governor's control anyway, so it's perfectly safe for him to have an opinion that will be totally ignored by his fellow Republicans in the General Assembly. The governor can't approve or veto a "local bill."

Why doesn't the governor get himself a contrary opinion about something he does have some (minimal) control over?

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Anonymous said...

Dan Soucek cares so much about Boone that he got rid of the ETJ - yet he cannot fight the Raleigh mobs when it comes to the Watauga County Schools schedule, now determined by Raleigh.

We need the autonomy to determine our own start day, Soucek! Use your ETJ magic to get your fellow legislators on board with this…