Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Thom Tillis in the Germ Zone

Newly installed U.S. Senator Thom Tillis needed to enhance his cred as a free-market radical, so he told a Washington think tank (duh) that it would be better if the government simply required that businesses post a sign saying whether their employees wash their hands rather than requiring workers to lather up before they go back on the job.

This kind of let's-destroy-government-because-we-can dunderheadedness is in the same wheelhouse as let's-don't-vaccinate-our-kids-because-Obama-said-it-was-a-good-idea.

In other words ... beyond stupid.


Oh Suzannah said...


On the Wonkette blog:

North Carolina’s newbie Sen. Thom Tillis is a damned fine Republican. You can tell because of how much he hates government regulation of any kind, because that is just the government murdering freedom.

Forcing companies to follow Basic Rules of Hygiene, for example, like making employees wash their hands before serving food? He told a delightful story about explaining to some poor constituent who no doubt took a bleach bath after their encounter about how that’s one of those unnecessary regulations that really should be left up to the Great And All-Knowing Free Market:


meatcamp said...

So he wants to replace one regulation that works with a different regulation that doesn't protect anyone? It's still a regulation, right?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the voters selected this man to represent them.

Anonymous said...

What the H*!! do you expect from NC? I live here and therefore can say this.........