Friday, February 13, 2015

Inflation, the NC GOP Way

Speaker Tim Moore
Republican NC Senate leader Phil Berger and Republican NC House Speaker Tim Moore each have more than a dozen "partisan" staff members serving their manifest needs. Personnel data from the Financial Services Office at the General Assembly show the staffs' combined salaries total more than $2 million.

The top four partisan staffers in Moore's office:
Clayton Somers, chief of staff, $158,500
Andy Munn, deputy chief of staff, $120,000
Mitch Gillespie, senior policy adviser, $100,000
Sarah Newton, senior policy adviser, $85,000
The top four partisan staffers in Berger's office:
Jim Blaine, chief of staff, $158,500
Andrew Tripp, general counsel, $147,500
Amy Auth, deputy chief of staff for communications and operations, $112,500
Jeffrey Warren, policy analyst, $108,000

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Mike said...

So, what's Sarah's deal? Is she worth $15,000 less, even with the same title?