Monday, February 16, 2015

Look at What Else Is Hidden in the NC Senate's Gas-Tax-Hike Bill

Phil Berger
If you were a mortgage borrower in North Carolina who got a "write-down" reduction on your mortgage, because the lending bank used out-right trickery and other abuses, then a provision in the gas-tax-hike bill the NC Senate just passed will treat that "write-down" as earned income.

Not making this up!

Someone who got a $20,000 reduction on his or her mortgage would suddenly owe another $1,160 in state taxes for the year.

So that's what the Republicans have been doing in Raleigh to deal with their $200 million budget hole!

But that's not all that's in the NC Senate's gas-tax-hike bill. "Another provision of the bill would end the state income tax deduction for tuition expenses," which means those little liberal communist college students, who also think they should get to vote in the state's elections, will get their own special tax hike, so take that, queers!


Anonymous said...


I cannot believe this state is at the mercy of the NCGOP. But voters keep voting them in. Riddle me that one…

Anonymous said...

The corruption, past and current, in the Democrat Party could never be matched by the Republicans