Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Like a Prairie Fire Whipped by Wind

It took only five days of Early Voting this year (three days in Watauga) to equal and surpass the Early Vote from the first 12 days of Early Voting in 2010.

In-person Early Voting ballots cast so far this year: 428,383.

In-person Early Voting ballots cast by this same day before the General Election in 2010: 426,305.

So there's panic now on the right. And the Watauga Republican Party Chair has decided she needs to do something beside photograph teenagers' T-shirts.

Becky Johnson in the Smoky Mountain News got it exactly right: This election is a referendum on the new Republican majority in Raleigh, which ain't looking so rosy.


Democratus Rex said...

They (The Watauga Conservative) would rather get all worked up by fantasizing about the goings on within a gay marriage. If only they would spend the same energy enjoying their own marriage.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know this election was a referendum on the GOP controlled NC General Assembly. Guess the voters must approve. Wonder if we'll see more "Moral" Monday demonstrations? I suspect they were counter productive for the Democrats.

Good that the Republicans did "panic"" over the early vote. Looks like they mobilized their voters on election day.