Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's a Clear Pattern: The NC GOP Hates Young Voters

If the New Hanover County Board of Elections doesn't get slapped down hard for this, it'll be another strike against the NC State Board of Elections.

In the home city of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the local Republican-controlled Board of Elections has decided that if a student voter can't name the street address of the dormitory he/she lives in, then he/she jolly well won't be allowed to vote.

Who knows the street address of any dormitory on the ASU campus? They probably have technical street addresses, under 911 regs, but as mail doesn't typically go to a dormitory street address, nobody but nobody knows that address (except maybe 911 dispatchers).

Betcha the Vice Chancellor of Bricks and Mortar wouldn't know the street address for Justice Hall, let alone a student living there.

The attempts at disenfranchising college student voters goes on apace in North Carolina, and eventually those young citizens are going to get mighty peeved about it, as they should, and then they're going to vote with a vengeance.

From WECT.


brotherdoc said...

Next thing you know there will be only one party (GOP) on the ballot and if you try to vote "Against" your name will be noted for the secret police....America is fast becoming a Fascist country. And since SCOTUS is already in their hands and they are buying judges everywhere and at every level including NC, we can't for very long count on any court challenge being successful. Thanks, Republicans!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can tell you the street address of my old dorm - it was on the traffic circle thingy around the statue of the college Founder.