Thursday, October 09, 2014

NCGOP Jumps the Racist Shark

The North Carolina Republican Party has now successfully inhabited the racism of Southern Democrats, circa 1920. Congratulations, NCGOP, for finally and visibly embracing your true heritage. You ARE the racists of modern America.

Yes, the Jonathan Jordan mailer depicting grandmotherly challenger Sue Counts standing next to a very angry and threatening black man (photoshopped, naturally) was "Paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party."

Which means, O my brethren, that this same mailer is going out in every House district race (and Senate race?) that the Republicans feel slipping away from them ... just like the Dems-candidates-in-sombreroes mailers went out in 2010 all across the state.

It wounds my heart and sickens me deep in the marrow to see this blatant appeal to hatred and fear still so much alive in the North Carolina of 2014. Jesse Helms must be sitting up in his earth-bed, saying, "Wow, you guys! Way to go! We WILL set this state back a hundred years YET!"

North Carolina Republicans are going to richly deserve what they're about to get. They've earned the contempt of every forward-looking, constructive, good-will-sharing, and yes, Christian North Carolinian. Jonathan Jordan cannot hide behind the claim that he didn't know this bilge was going out for his benefit. He knew. He approved. He deserves what he's going to get.

They have destroyed themselves with this kind of filth. May they go down hard.

(And, no, I'm not about to put a picture of that disgusting mailer on this blog. It's all over Facebook and Twitter. Go find it for yourself.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for not posting that disgusting mailer! The slime would be running across the page had you posted it!