Monday, October 06, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: SCOTUS Gives Its Blessing to Gay Marriage in North Carolina

The Supreme Court about an hour ago turned aside all seven appeals of Circuit Court decisions overturning gay marriage bans in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

But, more to the point for North Carolinians, the decision not to hear appeals from gay marriage opponents, means it's suddenly about to be legal in several other states: "Couples in six other states — Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming — should be able to get married in short order. Those states would be bound by the same appellate rulings that were put on hold pending the Supreme Court's review." (Winston-Salem Journal coverage)

All we need is an order from a Federal judge in the Middle District of North Carolina in Greensboro.

Goodbye, Amendment One! So happy to see you go!


Liberal POV said...

Does anyone know what Amendment One cost NC taxpayers?

WootBug said...

Just received this from EqualityNC:

"...with marriage equality now the law of the land across our 4th Circuit, we look to federal judges in the four cases pending against North Carolina’s ban on the freedom to marry to make a swift ruling in support of marriage equality in the state we call home."

WootBug said...

Judge Osteen is evidently going to be very "judicial" (taking his sweet time, IMO) before telling NC that its nasty little Amendment One no longer applies to ANYBODY, bitches!

I been walking on air all damn day!