Friday, August 01, 2014

Yes! Just Go Home, You Extremist Ideologues and Sorry Nincompoops

The extinct Dodo bird
The NC Senate adjourned and left for their home districts in the wee hours last night, and the NC House will be following them today or tomorrow. As Molly Ivins once said, "Every village reclaims its idiot."

They did nothing about the coal ash spill and Duke Energy's plan to charge all of us electricity consumers for the costs of cleaning up their shit.

Shifting teachers’ longevity pay into their salary schedules to fake a bigger pay raise is a gyp that a first-grader could see through.

A recent report from the General Assembly’s fiscal staff that taxes cut last year will amount to a shortfall of about $700 million this year, and a total of $5.3 billion over five years – $880 million more than projected -- is the baseline revenue problem that The Honorables do not acknowledge and can not overcome. So their budget claims that it will balance itself with the Education Lottery and by raiding the "rainy day fund." Smart?

Alexandra Sirota of the N.C. Budget and Tax Center said, “The knowledge that there is a higher cost to the tax plan passed last year is not reflected in this budget, which calls into question whether this budget is really sustainable, not in the long term but even over this fiscal year.”

Perhaps the General Assembly could open a revenue-generating concession called "Smoke 'n' Mirrors R Us."

North Carolina is spiraling down just like Kansas, and you know what's happening right now in Kansas, right?

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