Wednesday, August 06, 2014

News Flash: Art Pope Resigns

Just minutes ago, in a classic Friday afternoon news dump, Gov. Pat McCrory announced that NC Budget Director and Puppet Master Supreme, Art Pope, "has resigned."

The company line is that Pope had agreed to do the job for just one year, and to do it for $1 in salary.

Under Mr. Pope's administration of the state's economy, that $1 in salary has broken the bank.


Beckie said...

Art is realizing his GRAND PLAN to save NC is backfiring on him so he is taking his marbles and leaving. Watch for him to continue contributing money to others to do his dirty work.

Anonymous said...

FYI Your 'typical' Friday afternoon new dump, as perfected by the Obama administration, is usually accomplished on Friday afternoons.

Since this is Wednesday, it is obviously not a "classic Friday afternoon news dump".

Get a clue!