Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We Have NOT Forgotten the Anal Acoustics

Apparently, this story isn't apocryphal, and I've always loved those deadpan moments that Queen Elizabeth gave us 400+ years ago. Once upon a time, the Earl of Oxford broke wind in Her Majesty's presence and was so embarrassed that he left Court and didn't return for years. When he did show up again, the old Queen looked at him and commented, "My Lord, I had forgot the fart."

I'm reminded of that piece of royal irony when viewing the new Thom Tillis television ad:

Mr. Tillis clearly wants us to forget the fart, the three-plus years he's presided over the dismantlement of what's good and even noble about North Carolina among all over Deep South states. Notice that the one job he fails to mention in this TV ad is the job he's held as Speaker of the NC House. But when he talks about "the mess" that's been created, he wants us to think "Washington." I think "Raleigh," and I think Thom Tillis.

Nice try, Mr. Tillis! But the odor of your deeds hangs heavy in the air.


Watauga for Tillis said...

Thanks for running our ad. Your endorsement is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The more honest version: