Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Eye Witnesses to the Dysfunction

Raleigh political guru Gary Pearce published an account by a General Assembly insider about what went on among the ruling Republican junta during the closing days of the session:
Legislative Republicans treated each other last week just like they’ve treated the state’s citizens for the last two years: with meanness, impatience, and a lack of caring, respect and statesmanship.
The multiple procedural failures also highlighted a desperate leadership void and lack of knowledge about how to govern. The inability to adjourn the session in an organized fashion left the process in turmoil, with no one exactly sure what’s going on. A civilized adjournment requires some communication between the House and Senate, and that apparently just doesn’t happen anymore, especially with a distracted Speaker.
Meanwhile, the House and Senate lobbed hand grenades at each other over the coal ash legislation. It’s unclear whether the failure of this legislation was incompetence, a conspiracy or a last-minute desire to protect a large GOP financial contributor. None of it makes sense when House members tried to amend a conference report. Everyone knows you can’t do that.
 This mess would be laughable except for the dire consequences to the state.
Veteran WRAL political reporter Laura Leslie added her own perspective:
This is what happens when you've got testosterone-soaked under-40s running your "negotiations" -- a term I'm using loosely here. There's something to be said for knowing how things work, and even more to be said for having enough perspective to keep your ego out of it.
A whole bunch of puffed-up men, stepping on their own weenies. North Carolina pays the price.

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Cyclops said...

Is that the same Gary Pierce who was Democrat Jim Hunt's press secretary and left hand man? Funny he should say something critical of the GOP.