Sunday, May 11, 2014

Who Sez that Republicans Are Good Money Managers?

Here's Republican civic and financial "management" of North Carolina in a handy nutshell:
"State revenues are lower than expected because of the tax cuts adopted last year." (N&O, today)
Those tax cuts went mainly to the rich and to powerful corporations, not to you, O my brethren.
"Legislative budget writers received a memo from the legislative fiscal office last week that estimated a $62 million to $94 million Medicaid shortfall this year." (ditto)
Ah! The cost of throwing a partisan brickbat at the Affordable Care Act! Republicans in the General Assembly don't pay. We pay. All of us.

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Anonymous said...

From the N&O article:
The state must cover a $445 million revenue shortfall in the budget year that ends June 30, and state fiscal analysts expect tax revenues for the budget year that begins July 1 will fall $191 million short of what was expected.

Unbelievable. If I know I have to make a certain amount of money to cover my personal budget, I DON'T cut my hours at work. That these putzes would deliberately cut revenues shows that they don't BELIEVE in government and should never be put in charge OF government.

Anonymous said...

This year's revenue shortfall missed the projection by 2.3 percent. The average shortfall over the 20 year period 1992-93 to 2011-12 was 4.3 percent, almost double this year's shortfall. And I think we all know the Republicans were not in charge of the legislature until the 2011-12 session.

Oh, and BTW, in six of the last 20 revenue shortfalls, the average discrepancy was 6.5 percent. So the current General Assembly is doing considerably better than those in recent past have done.

Anonymous said...

Do not bother JW and Mrs. JW with the truth. The truth has never stopped their lies before.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder: In 2010 the Democrats left the newly elected Republican Legislature with $2.5 billion in debt to the Federal Government.

Talk about poor money management.

Anonymous said...

You can safely predict they will take the Medicaid shortfall out on the poor. They always do. There are already so many people who desperately need healthcare around here and can't get it. Maybe some of you rightwingers out there could actually un-clinch that fist full of case and contribute to the Community Care Clinic. That won't happen!

Jesse Steele said...

Hey speaking of actual facts.

Now I wonder if one single Anon divorced from reality about Obama and his big spending economy destroying liberal ideas running up our "trillion dollar debt" Will give him credit for doing the EXACT. SAME. THING. they want to use as a talking point for why Gov sock puppet is doing such a fantastic job. Or if their heads will explode from realizing they have to admit the President has us on the right track too.

Which is more then we can say for the hypocrites in congress.

Or here in NC where the main source of deficits is wasteful taxes breaks to those who don't need them, and cut your nose to spite your face refusals to expand health coverage.

Or Kansas

Or Wisconsin, because it worked so well in Kansas.

So please tell me everyone, specially you Anon 9:10. Exactly what truth are we missing that your fox news filled brain seems to know about?

Because as usual the facts and reality aren't on the GOP's side.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:06,

Making up the medicaid shortfall is to pay for medical
services for the poor. Its an entitlement that must be paid and if there is an overrun, budget cuts in other areas must be made.

Medicaid is proof of the old adage, "If you think medical care is expensive now, just wait till its free."