Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Developments in the GOP War on NC Cities

Two measures aimed at micromanaging North Carolina cities from the plush seats in the NC General Assembly are being fast-tracked this week. Those boys believe in "local control" only when "local control" kowtows to their ideology.

The new laws -- one of them tucked into the bill to move fracking along at an accelerated pace -- will very likely decimate municipalities by monkeying with their revenue streams.

Best part of the article is when the reporter gets around to asking Governor McCrory, who was Charlotte mayor for a long time, what he thought about these power grabs, and "a McCrory spokesman said the office was 'still evaluating the impact this proposal would have on local and state government.' ”

You have to be adept at McCrory speak to understand what that meant. It meant, "I'm not saying anything until my bosses in the General Assembly tell me what I think."

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