Sunday, May 18, 2014

Suppressing the "Ignorant"

Hattip to John L. Robinson for directing our attention to an editorial by one Charles Davenport Jr. published a week ago in the Greensboro News & Record in which Mr. Davenport came out four-square for voter suppression, thus putting into print what many Republicans will only say in private:
The ignorant among us — and they are legion — should not be allowed within 100 yards of a polling place. In fact, their votes should be actively suppressed, and until they are, the fewer votes cast, the better.

Considering that most of the conservatives we read on a regular basis libel those who disagree as "libtards" whose "intelligence" is sub-scum, we can guess how they might want to test "intelligence."


brotherdoc said...

Let's see...maybe passing the Common Core curriculum would constitute proof of intelligence? In the old Jim Crow days you didn't have to take a literacy test if you could prove you had a 5th grade education. I wonder if that's adequate for what this guy has in mind.
BTW an excellent resource for the complex but interesting history of suffrage (which for the ininformed means the vote) and the various ways it has been suppressed and expanded in the USA is at:

Whatshisname said...

Don't you love it when one of these knuckle-draggers expresses in public what we all know they're saying behind closed doors.