Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Remarkable Numbers

Bald Mountain precinct still outstanding, but it's clear that at least 1,000 more Republican ballots were voted today than Democratic in Watauga, yet the three progressive School Board candidates finished first, second, and fourth among the six who are surviving the primary.

Those numbers have got to put some people back on their heels ... like me!

In other similarly amazing news, Supreme Court Associate Justice Robin Hudson appears to be leading state-wide in that outside-money-bashing judicial race.

Karen Lerch is leading Matt Klutz by a very slim margin in that Republican County Commission primary, which says something about the weakness in the mainstream Republican Party in Watauga.

On the other hand, Miller is leading Springer in Watauga in the district attorney race, but Springer appears to be way ahead in the whole district.


Anonymous said...

Oh so it is possible that Britt Springer will win? I'm just looking at local coverage and it looks like Nathan Miller is winning (new to the area!)

J.W. Williamson said...

Right now, district wide, Miller is trailing at about 21%. Seth Banks is leading Britt Springer by about three percentage points. In other words, no way does Nathan Miller even make it into a run-off.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell. From the state website, it looks like Banks without a run-off, but the totals reported do NOT include one-stop voting as near as I can tell.