Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lying on a Grand Scale

Republican congressional candidate Mark Meadows, running in the NC-11 for Heath Shuler's seat, got two minutes at the Republican National Convention yesterday afternoon. Turns out you can do a lot with the truth in two minutes.
Without mentioning President Barack Obama by name, Meadows said the current administration “tramples on our First Amendment right to religious liberty by requiring all taxpayers to fund abortions.” ... 
Meadows did not explain how the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits using federal money to finance abortions, is being circumvented. (Asheville Citizen-Times)
It's a lie that this particular audience will readily swallow, of course. Their platform calls for outlawing all abortion forever, and some of this bunch want to outlaw contraception too. In that kind of context, a lie like Meadows' hardly makes a ripple.


Henery said...

'Pears that not even many of the North Carolina delegation heard Meadows' lie. They were off eating hors doovers on a boat and drinking free booze. lol

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the statement about Obama trampling on first amendment rights by forcing those that don't like abortion for religious reasons to pay for it? It is the truth.