Monday, August 06, 2012

A Sign of the Time

Occasionally, Mondays produce the most counter-intuitive headlines:
GOP steers clear of gay marriage issue

When Democrats announced that their 2012 platform would include a historic first — gay marriage written in as a plank — the reaction from mainstream Republicans was near silence. 
There were no statements blasted out from Mitt Romney’s campaign. The same was true for the Republican National Committee. Romney has yet to address the fact.

The pushback came largely from social conservatives and evangelicals, who pledged to make same-sex unions an issue going forward and insisted the stand will hurt Democrats.
Source: Politico.

'Course, what's true elsewhere in this nation ain't necessarily "operative" in North Carolina, at least, not yet.


Anonymous said...

How was the reaction at Chic-fil-A different in North Carolina thsn the rest of the country?

Anonymous said...

There have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 different ballot initiatives in the US on gay marriage.

In every single case where the issue went to the voters, including in liberal California, traditional marriage was upheld and same sex marriage denied.

That doesn't make it right (or wrong) but it is clear that, at leas in those 30+ states, the voters turned gay marriage down.

NC seems to be pretty much in step with the rest of the country. Maybe not with the liberal judges or legislators, but certainly with the voters across the USA.

Liberal POV said...


What you and the Rev Franklin Graham don't seem to grasp is you don't have a moral right to vote on another human being Liberty and Freedom. The GLBT citizens pay taxes just like you and deserve all of the rights and freedom you enjoy as a human being in America.

Opoib said...