Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Republicans Are Determined To Cripple Ballot-Access in NC

Same-day-registration and early voting are under assault in North Carolina, with the Republican-led General Assembly repeatedly attempting to limit the early voting time-frame, and they want to end same-day-registration altogether. The most recent attack comes in their refusal to access about $4 million in Help America Vote (HAVA) funds, which goes to fund early-voting sites across the state.

Numbers published by Demos (hattip: Brother Doc) explain precisely why the Republicans are so sweaty with ambition to cripple ballot-access:
North Carolina reported the greatest increase in voting among all states since the 2004 presidential election. Almost 253,000 citizens were able to use SDR [same-day registration] to cast a ballot.

Using the myth of supposed voter fraud (old school buses full of illegal immigrants being taken in to vote fraudulently, among other ridiculous lies), the NC GOP is desperate to stop all this dangerous voting. Because voting is not good for them. And there must always be a nefarious reason when they don't win at voting.

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