Monday, February 27, 2012

Destroying Public Education in NC, One Small Desk at a Time

The lede to the Winston-Salem Journal article this a.m. pretty much sums up Republican plans for public education in North Carolina: sell off the system, let the devil take the hindmost:
A legislative proposal to overhaul North Carolina's pre-K system would completely privatize pre-K classrooms by the summer of 2013, as well as leave fewer families eligible for state tuition assistance.
Followed by this, "The World as the Republican General Assembly Wants It":
Taxpayer-supported pre-kindergarten has long had a waiting list of eligible children who don't get financial help because the state runs out of money before it runs out of families falling below annual income thresholds. That generates a waiting list, exacerbated this year by a 20 percent pre-K cut the Republican-controlled General Assembly approved to help balance the state budget.
How to decrease the waiting list, and in effect knock many thousands of children out of their pre-school desks? Make eligibility as difficult as possible.

You think the Republican leaders in this state aren't trying to cripple and ultimately eliminate public education?


Henery said...

Charlotte Observer editorial today condemns this plan:

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Soucek feels about this since his youngest daughter got in Blowing Rock's pre-k program claiming a financial assistance need.

brotherdoc said...

Wow Anon, can you verify that about the BR pre-k program letting in Soucek's child getting preference on financial need basis?