Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gen'l Assembly Repubs: "Let's Sell Our Cultural Assets to Corporations"

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Sell the North Carolina Zoo to Furminetech Inc., maybe, and let them charge enough to be profitable, or sell off the animals to Russian mobsters and other wealthy collectors.

Sell the North Carolina aquariums, or close them and dump the tanks.

Museums, state parks, cultural sites. Who needs 'em? Certainly not the people of the state. Why should we own all this stuff? We don't go there, and if we do, we can pay MegaCorpPlus for the privilege of gawking and pay premium prices for T-shirts made in China and go home and sleep tight in the sweet knowledge that we're not burdened as citizens by owning any public assets whatsoever.

Rob Schofield calls it the return of the plantation mentality, the belief that only rich white men deserve to own such things and control access to them. The rest of us can go be beggars and thank Gawd that not one penny of our tax money goes to support anything that adds knowledge, beauty, recreation, or spiritual nourishment to our desperate little lives.


Moose said...

This reminds me of the crazy Republicans (is that redundant?) in Arizona who sold off the state capitol and other government buildings and are now paying to lease back the same buildings that the state used to own. They also want to buy back the state capitol now, at an increased price. Ah, those fiscally conservative Republicans!!

Anonymous said...

I've a better idea. Let's put the republican legislators in the state zoo and title the exhibit, grown-up idiots!