Thursday, February 09, 2012

The OTHER Way the Repubs Are Suppressing the Vote

Withholding money to fund early voting sites in the state.

Anything to discourage voting or hamper access to voting. Anything at all.

BTW: Jonathan Jordan's quote in that Watauga Democrat article is about as dishonest as your run-of-the-mill party soldier gets these days. He wants to sound reasonable while his big bosses in Raleigh are obviously set on stone-walling this and clearly intend to release no money at all. Jordan's weak tea of "this is something we can take care of next week when the General Assembly meets in Raleigh" is doubly galling since Republican leaders in the NC House & Senate have already announced that no one needs to come to Raleigh because no votes will be taken on anything.

Not that they're in the habit of telling the truth about that.

And then there's this choice piece of equivocating crap falling from Jordan's lips: "I would certainly be in favor of getting as much funds as we need to run elections,” Jordan said, while adding he wants to be sure elections funds are spent properly.

Yeah, right ... properly. Meaning, we would suppose, just don't make it easier for young people or black people or poor people to vote.

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