Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cullie Tarleton Comes Out Swinging

Former NC House member Cullie Tarleton will file tomorrow to challenge Jonathan Jordan for his old seat, and he's set to begin airing this radio spot as early as tomorrow afternoon. Listen.

He's zeroing in on the reality of our post-Citizens United world, where puppet-masters like Art Pope pump money by the bucketsful into attack strategies to benefit their water-carriers.

We applaud the message and hope that other Dems candidates for the NC General Assembly take careful note.

Oops. Apparently the original link rotted quicker'n peaches in the sun. Try this. It's working for me.

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brotherdoc said...

Error 410--Gone. Both links. This link worked, off NC Blue site. It is a powerful ad and I hope will indeed serve as a "Vaccine" if enough people hear it.