Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Rotten Fruit of Dan Soucek

Just received from a Wilkes County correspondent:
I am fuming mad. I just received a call from a group which identified itself as "Southern Outreach" saying they were doing a research poll and asked whom I would be supporting for NC State Senate. When I indicated I'd be voting for Steve Goss, the canned call went on to go through three disgusting questions beginning with, "IF you knew that Steve Goss did..." and stated a bunch of ridiculous nonsense that could negatively influence people uninformed enough to know how much good Goss has done for our county, district, and state. At the end, the caller said the so-called "survey" was paid for by the North Carolina Republican Executive Committee.

If, indeed, the NC Republican Executive Committee sponsored these grossly misleading calls (and I hesitate to believe anything the "robo"-caller said), then the NCREC should be ashamed and apologize both publicly and to every individual who received this stupidly unfair piece of propaganda insulting our superb public servant, Senator Steve Goss.

Ultimately, Dan Soucek bears the blame for this kind of smear, because ultimately Dan Soucek stands to benefit from it.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"
Matt. 7:16


brotherdoc said...

Yeah, I got one too. Some big $ are being dropped in this state as the Rethuglicans try to get control of the General Assemby and thus the redistricting (read: re-gerrymandering) process that will be needed after the 2010 census results come in. And they have the $ now that corporations can give them any amount they want. We always hear, well, labor unions give too, so it's just the same thing, but...when was the last time you ran into a union member in NC?

brotherdoc said...

Oh and I also meant to say, I got a robocall recently from the Civitas Institute, again purporting to be a "scientific" polling outfit. Has anyone else seen the tabloid newsprint piece they sent out a couple of weeks ago? It's a thinly disguised bunch of smears of Obama and the rest of the Demos. A Google search shows they are an agency of the John W Pope organization in Raleigh, which is one of those libertarian "think tanks" whose "thinking" is totally blinkered by their conservative ideology. Here's a quote from one of their spokespersons, made recently in Chapel Hill:
"As we've seen with gerrymandering, whoever draws the lines sets who gets elected for the next 10 years," said Chris Hayes, senior legislative analyst for the political think tank John W. Pope Civitas Institute. "This is the best chance Republicans have had in decades, and it's looking highly likely." To me this goes beyond the usual give and take of politics; these folks are hiding behind a "scientific" veneer of polling to shape the agenda to their skewed viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

"when was the last time you ran into a union member in NC?"

Well, to be fair about it...two of his biggest contributors in 2008 were SEIU and State Employees groups...

Opinionated said...

I never think of employees' groups that can't strike as "unions" - I think "Teamsters". But Union or not, the money from those two groups cannot compare to the half-million dollars being spent on these smears by a handful of millionaires and their corporations who've made their money by moving jobs overseas. Working people will never have as much money as the guys behind the smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

I had the honor of speaking with Dan Soucek recently and I find him to be a very intelligent, committed individual who I feel will do an outstanding job serving us. Previously I have supported Goss but now will support Soucek. In my conversations with Soucek, absolutely nothing was even said about Steve Goss.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, Steve Goss is an honorable man and I commend him for his willingness to serve. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I just tried to point out that Goss has received contributions from Unions (Including SEIU who CAN strike). Nothing wrong with that. I was just trying to correct the implications from the first comment.

As far as this:
"the money from those two groups cannot compare to the half-million dollars being spent on these smears by a handful of millionaires and their corporations"

I have NO information whatever that supports this claim. I assume that the person making the claim can provide a link? A half million dollars is a lot of money in a state Senate campaign.

Thanks in advance for providing your source.

Anonymous said...

When Democrats created districts that favored them was it not gerrymandering?

Did you know the issues they raised with Goss? Did it make a difference? Would anything change your mind about him or are you a yellow dog?

brotherdoc said...

Dear Anonny-moose, unions helped make America great and raised living standards for the working class. NC is a Right to Work state (look it up if you don't know what that means) which has curbed the powers of unions here. Ask yourself who has more power in NC, a handful of corporate-run turkey farm owners or the many hundreds of poultry workers? And, Unknown-y-mouse, I do know what "they" are saying about Steve Goss and "they" are wrong. The man is a model of ethical, thoughtful behavior, he knows and loves NW NC, and takes his job seriously to inform, and be informed on behalf of, his constituents. This Soucek is a pretty empty head who will be the tool of people like that Pope guy out of Raleigh. Steve has a well documented expose of where these attacks against him are coming from. You can read it on his website.
And to A-nanner-muss, re: the issue of Gerrymandering, it's true it is as old as the Republic. It does not make it right that both parties do it. In a couple of states an independent, non-partisan commission does the redistricting and if we lived in a better world all states would do that. The issue I raised is the one of polling: calls from a purported "scientific" pollster that are really attack ads are underhanded and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

I am the 'anonymous' whose posts were at 11:14 and 4:52pm. (I don't know if that makes me "annony-moose", or "A-nanner-mus", nor, I suppose, does it really matter.

I mistakenly entered this forum for the first time recently and, in the mistaken belief that this was a forum where adults exchanged views with other adults of good will and varying opinions, I posted my first post ever on this thread.

Since I do not feel qualified when it comes to thinking up cutesy names to call my fellow posters, nor am I equal to the task of snarky comments and snide insults, I will move on.

Thank you Mr. Williamson for providing a forum for the posting of your opinions, and for allowing others of differing opinions to similarly share their thoughts.

We have met in the past - and, have even voted for the same candidates a time or two.

It's always an honor to see freedom of speech being exercised.Perhaps someday we can ALL share our differing opinions without the need for personal attacks.

BTW...I am still curious as to who contributed the 500,000 to the Soucek campaign. Since the answer doesn't appear to be forthcoming from the individual who made the claim, I will be looking forward to the next financial report from the Soucek campaign for my answer.

Thanks again for attempting to provide a place for rational discussion of these important issues.

Anonymous said...

Answer the questions, please. Would anything make you shift your support, or are you a yellow dog? Did you know about the issues you mention? Did you check them out for truth?

Anonymous said...

By the way, if Democrats arrange voting districts to benefit themselves is it gerrymandering or is that term reserved for Republicans?

BikerBard said...

7 "Anonymous" posts on this thread alone. Can't anynoe think of a frigging name? How difficult can it be?

Opinionated said...

Sorry I've been unable to respond to the questions about my earlier post sooner - I have a life and don't always get on here that often. I'm not avoiding you - just busy.

JWW has answered the question about where the "$500,000 figure came from nicely in a later blog. I have read several stories now with the same information - "Real Jobs NC" is a 527 tax-exempt group led by Pope, Eshelman, and others, with contributions from Burlington Industries and the National Republican Legislative Committee out of Arlington, VA.

The charges in the so-called telephone "poll" are false and misleading. and yes, I have checked out every single falsehood these guys are peddling.

My opinion of Steve Goss can never be changed by lies. But since you ask, even though I do, from time to time, vote for non-Democrats, yes - I consider myself a yellow-dog democrat.
I'm certainly not going to vote for anyone who allows such base lies to be told about an honorable, hard-working man like Steve Goss.

As for gerrymandering, I support a non-partisan independent commission for re-districting. Interestingly enough, the local & 5th District branches of the NC Democratic Party have taken public stands in favor of just that idea.

I hope I've answered all your questions, whoever you are.

Boone local voter said...

I agree with the post regarding the ability to voice our thoughts on this blog. I, too, have voted with Mr. Williamson on several candidates and most likely will again. Thank You Mr. Williamson for the opportunity to post on this site. We may not agree on everything and we may agree on many things and I respect you and find it very honorable of you for allowing everyone the opportunity to post.

I made a comment previously regarding my support for Dan Soucek in this election. As I said I find him to be an intelligent man with a great willingness to serve in office. I have supported Goss in the past and appreciate his service. I am pleased I had the opportunity to meet him and talk with him which is why I have made the decision to support him.

Anonymous BikerBard Brotherdoc said...

The silence in answer to those simple questions is deafening.

Anonymous said...

Opinionated. thank you for your OPINION, mistaken and biased as you admit in your yellow dog comment.