Friday, September 24, 2010

GOP Takes the Pledge, But Guess Who Wasn't There

Apparently, the Foxx mug wasn't the "face of the Republican Party" that John Boehner wanted to highlight yesterday at the roll-out of "The Pledge to America."

Jon Stewart pointed out last night, in a segment titled "Postcards from the Pledge," the 21-page document is really just a collective sigh of exhaustion, an admission that Congressional Republicans have learned precisely nothing, that they are bankrupt of ideas, but that they all can wear open sports shirts on cue, and that's supposed to reassure us that they're "regular Americans."

Their Pledge seems to be laying a sizable egg, even with the audience it was designed to woo, the Tea Party:
"The first time you read it, it's like, 'Yeah, this is all right,' " Andrew Ian Dodge, a coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots in Maine, told a reporter for the Tribune Washington Bureau. "And then you read it again. And again. Every time you read it, it gets less satisfying. It's full of platitudes. It's almost a bit patronizing. There are all these words that tea party people like, but there's nothing concrete in it." ["Reheated Doo-Doo"]


brotherdoc said...

Too many pix lately of The Madam. Put up a few of the better-looking mug of her opponent, Billy Kennedy. See you at the rally!

BikerBard said...

So how was the rally? I had a schedule conflict.