Monday, September 20, 2010

President Dilly-Dally

The fact that they're still discussing this, instead of just doing it, is only one of many indications of the over-riding problem we've got at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


brotherdoc said...

Jerry--you are so right.
Each of these waves of right wing Republicanism results also in another tsunami of red ink--and of war. I can't imagine how high the national debt is going to rise under the next onslaught of Republican legislation. But meanwhile the Dems are putzing around refusing even to let the taxes on the rich go back to what they were paying a decade ago. The only positive policies the GOTea stands for is tax cuts. And of course increasing defense spending.

Anonymous said...

With due respect, Brotherdoc, true Tea Partiers are adamantly against these fascists wars that bleed our nation both in blood and wealth.

This situation displays the terrible truth that there are powerful, international interests controlling both the Repub and Demo parties. Believe it or not.

Tea Party FACTS said...

Yeah, that's why the Tea Party was born during the Bush Administration and all those Tea Parties were held to protest the Iraq war.


brotherdoc said...

Dear Anonymous,
Being against things makes one feel good, it gets the frustration and anger out. But can you TPers come forth with anything positive besides get rid of Obama and the Democrats? Cut govt spending? Yeah, right, the GOP has been saying that since the Nixon administration and it hasn't happened yet. Instead we get various breaks and subsidies for the rich while things that actually benefit the average person are eliminated or cut back. Reduce the size of govt? Well, the # of govt employees rose under Reagan and Bush. So what makes TPers think that when the GOP gets control again anything will be any different? You guys are like Charlie Brown and John Boehner/Mitch McConnell like Lucy with the football....
And BTW what international interests are controlling both parties? If there's any one issue on which there's bipartisan support, it's helping Israel, even though this hurts our ability to live at peace with many elements in the Muslim world. Maybe we could/should cut off ALL military aid to Israel, and also to Egypt which is the 2nd largest recipient of US arms, and let them stew in their own juice for a while. How would your EEvangelical allies feel about that, I wonder, since they are just itching for Armageddon and return of Jesus? The other international elephant in the room is China of course, which is where our jobs are going at a rapid rate and which both parties don't seem to want to deal with. Does the TP have a solution to that one? I haven't noticed any signs saying China, give us our jobs back or we will quit shopping at Wal-Mart.
Lots of difficult issues to deal with internationally, I agree, but meanwhile, how about helping us throw two of the rascals out, starting with Burr and Foxx?

BikerBard said...

I do like your take on things. I believe a lot of the Arab hatred towards the US can be traced to our unquestioned alliance to Israel of years past. And much US dollars towards same.

Anonymous said...

Brotherdoc, how about getting rid of both polticial traitors, Repubs and Dems? They've done nothing but lie, steal and betray the American people. How about cleaning House and Senate altogether? Throw out all the bums, Repubs and Dems! Fine with me.

And Biker, you are absolutely right.