Sunday, September 05, 2010

Foxx & Ryan, Sitting in a Tree

The most conservative Republicans in the U.S. Congress love themselves some Paul Ryan! He's the five-term congressman from Wisconsin who has written what passes for a current platform for conservative Republicans, "The Roadmap for America's Future," which calls for the privatization of Social Security and the elimination of Medicare (among other sunny concepts that would further consolidate the power of corporations and the rich). Mr. Ryan describes himself on his own website as "Waiting in the Wings to Be Chief G.O.P. Dealmaker." Such modesty! To go with quite the vision for the future.

This a.m. on Fox News Sunday, Sen. John McCain (now that he's safely through his primary) refused to endorse the Paul Ryan roadmap.

No so Madam Virginia Foxx. She's very clearly endorsed the Ryan "roadmap." She's always hated the idea of Social Security (and positively DESPISES Medicare). In her 1st term in Washington, at a meeting in Watauga County, she called Social Security "a broken system":
People have become too dependent on Social Security as their sole source of income after retirement, Foxx said, adding that President George W. Bush feels people should take responsibility for themselves and plan ahead, rather than rely solely on Social Security. [Watauga Democrat, March 28, 2005]

She's gotten a lot cagier about admitting her philosophical attitudes in public. When directly asked where she stood on Ryan's "roadmap," she called the cops on the reporter who asked.


Who knows said...

Virginia, everyone cannot work for the government and receive a government pension. Just because you have pulled it off, you should not despise the rest of us who are actually paying for your carefree retirement years. If there were enough pension-providing jobs to go around it might make sense to downgrade people for not planning ahead. As it is, many of us are working full-time and then some but just barely making it day to day.

BikerBard said...

Good post, Who Knows!