Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Tom Fetzer: A Lesson in How to Air-Kiss

In the interests of better social relations, we offer this tiny piece of instruction to NC GOP Chair Tom Fetzer.

Fetzer will have to make nice with Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele on Thursday this week when Steele schlumps into the Tar Heel State to promote his "Fire Pelosi Bus Tour." In April Fetzer publicly told Michael Steele to RESIGN OR DIE for the sake of the Party, which Steele decided not to do.

"I believe that the best service you can render to your party at this critical juncture is to graciously step aside and allow the party to move on from this current quagmire," Fetzer wrote Steele (and immediately leaked the letter to the press). The "quagmire" he was referring to involved (take your pick) a $2,000 charge at a sex-themed nightclub in Los Angeles featuring simulated lesbian sex acts or the $1,000 purchase from jeweler Tiffany & Co. for "major donor" swag or the $18,361 paid to the Tiny Jewel Box, a Washington, D.C., jewelry store, for "office supplies" or any one of several thousand bone-head public utterances that Steele graced the airwaves with over several months of truly breath-taking ineptitude.

So on Thursday, will it all be kiss-kiss or will the grinding of teeth be heard in the land?

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