Sunday, September 05, 2010

Foxx Voted Against Another Jobs Bill

On July 21st, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the United States Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010 on a vote of 378 to 43. Guess which tiny minority Congresswoman Virginia Foxx allied herself to?

The bill was specifically designed to ease tariff restrictions on North Carolina textile makers. That sector of our industrial economy has lost some 163,000 jobs since 2005, and about one in five of those losses occurred in North Carolina. Many provisions in this law were written by Republicans Howard Coble and Richard Burr of North Carolina, specifically to help the textile jobs situation in the state. And according to this McClatchy article, textile companies did immediately begin rehiring laid-off workers based on it.

Most Republican lawmakers supported the bill. All members of the North Carolina delegation of both parties voted for it ... except for Madam Foxx.

A major piece (but little noticed) piece of legislation that helped the unemployment problem in North Carolina, and out of some warped sense of conservative ideology, Madam Foxx voted (again) against her own constituents.

Totally in keeping with Foxx's grades on help for the middle-class:
2009 F
2008 F
2007 F
2006 F
2005 F


BikerBard said...

At this point, she is voting for her "tough" reputation, NOT for her constituents.

Jack Mormon said...

Hello to any of you middle class folks: Would any of your taxes increase if the top 2% reverted to the post idiot, (Bushie), rates? To me those who have stolen the most should pay the most. Of course the apologists for the rich will protest.
Though they are are being made total fools by the "richies" propaganda.

Anonymous said...

It will be so nice to watch you all piss and moan about Foxx for another 2 years after the November election.

It's your own personal Hell.

Liberal Mom said...

Virginia Foxx often votes towards what she believes her base supports. Every once in a while however, she goes off the reservation and does something totally illogical, even by republican standards. It is during times like these that we should be ready to show her base exactly how deep her political depravity runs.

Matt Robinson said...

To anonymous: There's always one person fiddling while Rome burns.