Friday, August 20, 2010

This Is Your Congresswoman on Steroids

Roger Clemens, indicted for lying to Congress about using steroids.

He did that lying to Congress in 2008, to a committee on which Virginia Foxx took a prominent (and howlingly embarrassing) public role, in effect suborning that perjury. You can refresh your memory of that whole clown-show here.

How ya like Roger Clemens now, Congresswoman?


Anonymous said...

So is it wrong for Clemons to lie about steroids, but OK for Clinton to lie about getting blowjobs while in the Oval Office?

Guess he was just doing "the people's work" as he used to say.

More hypocrisy from the left.

BikerBard said...


Maire said...

Who said it was ok for Clinton to lie? He was caught out and branded a liar as he deserved. But having sex outside marriage is dumb; taking steroids is illegal and dangerous.

BikerBard said...

To J.W., that is. A big YES!
To Anon: That was a 14 year old blowjob! The thought of it really must have excited you. Get over it!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could have "helped" Clinton in the Oval Office BikerBard.

Personally, I don't CARE if Clemons used steroids or not. Apparently he is only in trouble for lying to Congress (HA!) not actually taking the steroids so it is just a manufactured scandal to divert attention from Congress's inept handling of the economy and everything else.

Congress should be indicted for lying to US.

Jack Mormon said...

After reading about a dozen posts from "Anonymous" and "Anon" I had to use a shovel to clean the BS off my laptop. These posters are truly idiots....oh my gosh, I love you Mike D. Compared to these morons you are a voice of reason (sort'a). Greed and ignorance define the opposition to this Great Nation lasting as such in the 21th Century.

BikerBard said...

Jack Mormon:
How true! Just cleaning my monitor off now, but you are so right!

The way he talks of Clinton, you'd imagine Anonymous never was treated to that particular treat! Keep on reading about that stuff, Mouse, and dreaming!

Good post, Jack!

MR said...

Why is Clinton even relevant here?

The post is about Foxx. And she is a cold, heartless liar.

BikerBard said...

To MR:
Thank you for pointing out the thread to the intellectually challenged. Yes, she is a heartless, nasty woman, who picks people to be nice to, so the word on the street is that she is so wonderful! Really? Don't be fooled by the photos - read her VOTING RECORD! She voted AGAINST aid for the American victims of Katrina, for God's sake! Disgusting!

PS: And that 14 year old blowjob is not relevant. Anonymous needs to divert attention when at the losing end of an argument. The key is NOT to let him get away with it! Take him to task.

Good Post!

brushfire said...

Biker, You may recall that Mrs. Foxx voted against the updated GI bill for Iraq and Afghanistan vets. She talks a great game about how she supports the military but when it comes to real help, she votes NO. She's not only mean, she's a hypocrite.

BikerBard said...

And take note of just how many publicity photos used in her propaganda have Ginny's arm around a (preferably grey-haired) veteran in uniform. Bullshit!

WataugaVet said...

Some of you all must be getting mistaken information. Congresswoman Foxx not only voted FOR the the GI Bill and it's expansion she was also a cosponsor. Congresswoman Foxx is a true friend of veterans and her office has always been helpful to me. She is always focuse on honoring our nation's commitments to our veterans.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Foxx scores a D on veterans' issues:

brushfire said...

Foxx in fact did NOT support the original Webb version of the GI bill (HR 2702), rather she put her support behind the watered down useless Burr/McCain version, which was put forth in tepid response to the Democrat's initiative. Mrs. Foxx did not support the real substantial GI bill and did not vote for it until it was attached as an amendment to the war funding bill.
I remember that very clearly as I was extremely disappointed in her stance against the Webb GI bill.

BikerBard said...

See for yourself: