Monday, August 16, 2010

Democrat In Name Only

Not that we ever thought Patrick McHenry was vulnerable this year in the NC-10.

But, ah, the spectacle of Jeff Gregory.


brotherdoc said...

The Democratic party is such a crazy place to to be aligned with in the Carolinas. There's Al Green down south of us, who is surely the biggest joke in politics right now, even though the shenanigans of Sharon Angle, Rand Paul, etc., are pretty far out. Now there's this guy--who is trying to get to the right of McHenry?! The litmus test of Republicans is, you have to be for the Free Market, support big banks and big oil, oppose abortion and gay marriage, say you favor strict construction (though of course you really mean that only selectively) and generally hate anything Obama wants. But to be a Democrat you just have to say you are one. It's kinda like taking Jesus as your Savior, that's all it takes.

Mike D. said...

"The litmus test of Republicans is, you have to... support big banks and big oil" - Brotherdoc

Komrade, I believe you are late for your weekly brain bleaching.

BikerBard said...

Yes, indeed, Brotherdoc! "Blondie" here, will fill you in.