Friday, August 15, 2008

Young Evangelicals and the Wandering Eye

Lengthy, in-depth profile in today's WashPost of "a growing group of young born-again Christians" who are questioning the received faith that no evangelical can be a Democrat, much less vote for a Democrat.

Questioning the iron-clad assumptions (prejudices?) of their fathers' generation seems epidemic among today's young believers, particularly considering where the old faith in George W. Bush has landed the nation.

One of the young Christians interviewed for the article said, "...if Republicans can develop an aggressive platform on issues like poverty and the environment, they can reverse the erosion of their evangelical base."

Big IF, that. It's just not a part of Republican DNA to actually follow Christ, to sup with beggars and prostitutes (unless someone else is paying). So much easier to play the pharisee and point the finger at bad people's sins and thank God loudly that they are not as other men are.

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