Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Liddy Dole, "The Obvious Choice for VP"

You never know what'll come out of the Left Coast. (Tofu on the grill, for example, was a total surprise.) This professor of political science at UCLA writes today in the LATimes that Liddy Dole is (seriously) "the obvious choice" for McCain's vice president ... precisely because she would be approximately 103 years old by the end of the McCain presidency and hence not a viable candidate to succeed The Oldest President Ev-ah, and, besides, we need to return the vice presidency to "the black hole" it traditionally was, and who better to accomplish the pinnacle of mediocrity than Elizabeth Dole?

We like this guy's reasoning (and definitely want some of what he's been smoking) and would welcome the spectacle of Liddy Dole's running simultaneously for both her Senate seat and as John McCain's handmaiden.

You couldn't buy entertainment like that on Pay-Per-View.

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