Saturday, August 09, 2008

Virginia Foxx ... Bounty Hunter

Madam Foxx has been an avid and shameless advocate for Big Oil, accepting thousands in campaign contributions from the likes of Exxon-Mobil and diving in whole-hog to support Big Oil's profit-driven campaign to expand offshore drilling.

The Madam has been active among the corps of Big Oil's most loyal toadies in the little side-show ("drill now, drill everywhere") staged on the House floor after it adjourned last week. Visitors are not allowed on the floor of the House while it's in session, but House members can bring in guests when the House is in recess, so the Big Oil rump session filled the seats with hootin' and hollerin' tourists who were somewhat bewildered to be invited in but delighted to be in the middle of a "scene."

Our representative, Virginia Foxx, was evidently trolling the halls of Congress looking for warm bodies to bring in -- extra bonus if they happened to be Republican warm bodies -- and she proved an avid bounty-hunter. She jumped up on an intern from Sen. John Warner's office, who was leading a tour of the Capitol for some of the Senator's admirers, and essentially dragged him and his tour group into the House chamber as her "guests." The intern was delighted, the "guests" apparently got off hoo-hawing at the super-dignified behavior of the congresspersons screaming without microphones. The intern wrote up the experience and got it posted on a local news blog at The Roanoke Times (HT: JK).

If the Madam is up there manhandling interns and dragooning innocent visitors into the Big Circus for More Oil Profits, we can be relieved that she isn't driving our mountain roads at approximately twice the speed limit. Stay there and posture! There's a practically unlimited supply of interns and tourists.

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