Friday, August 08, 2008

Prostituting Yourself for a Bus Ride

The gaff-a-minute nuthouse crew otherwise known as the John McCain campaign has devised a point-rewards system for the denizens of Right Blogistan for posting positive comments about John McCain on recommended websites, because -- hey! -- nothing wins votes like canned and insincere political talking points posted in hostile environments.

No mention of extra points for trashing Obama as an America-hating Muslim at the same time.

The goodies being doled out to willing whores is impressive indeed...
a book autographed by John McCain (not necessarily one written by him?)

preferred seating at campaign events

a ride on the Straight-Talk Express

As utterly attractive a prize as unreadable books may be, or gymnasium folding chairs or diesel fumes at dawn, we're a little underwhelmed by the rewards offered for selling our integrity, let alone our self-respect. What, no T-shirt? No tacky coffee mug? No weekend in the Paris Hilton, with continental breakfast?

For the lexicographically minded, this practice is called "AstroTurf": "Like the fake grass for which the practice is named, such AstroTurf messages look as though they come from the grass roots but are ersatz."

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