Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Something's Going On in Kentucky

Kentucky went for Bill Clinton in 1992 and for Hillary Clinton in the recent presidential primary. Apparently, Barack Obama makes the state feel all icky-poo, so write off Kentucky in this presidential race.

But wait a minute. A new Rasmussen poll shows long-serving Sen. Mitch McConnell in trouble, trailing his Democratic opponent Bruce Lunsford by five points. While John McCain leads Obama by 25 percentage points in Kentucky, only 67% of McCain supporters say they'll also vote for McConnell.

McConnell knows how to fight dirty, so look for TV ads of Bruce Lunsford morphing into Barack Obama.

Gosh, it was big news that Sen. Liddy Dole was in trouble in N.C. It's even bigger news that the Senate Minority Leader is in trouble.

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