Monday, May 26, 2008

Any Excuse to See Bob Barr in that Red Pullover Sweater!

The waiting is over, and Bob Barr is the Libertarian Party's nominee for president. We're as giddy as 13-year-olds over Miley Cyrus.

Barr was busily making a meal of some of his former words on C-SPAN this a.m., saying now that the federal government shouldn't have any role in abortion and that gay marriage needs to be left up to the states (hear that, California and Vermont?). Why, it seems like only yesterday that Barr was introducing "The Sacredness of Marriage Act" (or something like that) in the U.S. Congress, after which he was impertinently asked which of his three marriages was the sacred one.

But Barr will attract some following among Paularoids and disaffected Republicans, probably several times the following that might end up voting for Ralph Nader (who?).

'Tis good. 'Tis all good.

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