Sunday, May 04, 2008


We finally climbed out of the hole we fell into. While we were down there in the dark, the world continued whirling. And what a world it is, too!

1. Some parents (and we assume their children, though that's not certain) vehemently opposed the Day of Silence at the local high school, not because they're afraid their kids will turn G.A.Y. but because they're afraid their kids might actually be K.I.N.D. to a gay ("Opposing Day of Silence"). These people will not be voting for Obama.

2. Mighty prayers were prayed in an effort to intimidate the Boone Town Council, not because the Council has the power to legislate liquor by the drink in Boone but because the Council has the power to let the voters of Boone vote on that decision. Mighty BLOODY prayers, at that. "Blood will be on your hands," they exhorted. We'll go ahead and take this bet: that these were not preachers who likewise cared about blood on leaders' hands when it came to Iraq (but let's not confuse the truly earth-shattering -- the privilege to VOTE for/against booze -- with the merely trivial -- preemptive warfare). The prominent leader of the political action committee, Citizens for Change, is a prominent leader of the No Booze in Boone group (let's go ahead and call it "Dry Aggression"). Incidentally, if the citizens are given the right to vote, I'll be voting "no," while reflecting on the ineffable mysteries of both prayer and the dangerous freedoms of democracy.

3. Gov. Mike Easley has made a kind of monument of himself for NOT attending North Carolina Democratic Party activities, for dissing party leaders, and for generally sticking his thumb in the pie. So he attends and speaks at Friday night's big Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Raleigh (with the biggest attendance in history) at the Dorton Arena and is BOOED by the crowd. Not just booed but greeted by "lusty boos" that continued while he spoke (according to Rob Christensen). Some thought the booing was because of Easley's endorsement of Hillary Clinton earlier in the week. More likely, it was cumulative booing for 7+ years of frustration. Personally, I'd like to believe that a few of those party razzberries referenced the N.C. lottery, that great improvement to state government engineered by The Guv, but maybe it was the shoes.

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