Saturday, May 24, 2008

Comparisons Are Odious, But What the Hey!

Michelle Malkin, the internment-and-torture loving velociraptor of the right wing, has published an editorial in today's Washington Times making the case that the gaffes of Barack Obama disqualify him for the presidency (or something).

Seriously, she opens that can of worms without even mentioning George W. Bush's inability to speak or think clearly in English. We only know about the last seven years or so of El Presidente's muddled syntax, but we assume his problem goes back a lot further, to, like, when he was frying his synapses with coke and booze. There are whole websites devoted to keeping up with Bush gaffes (here and here, for example).

We'll take a few missteps from Obama any day. George W. Bush's problem is much more that mere stumbles. They bespeak a clouded head, a cottony batting where the brain ought to be.

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