Sunday, May 04, 2008

Not What Limbaugh Had in Mind

Shirley Morgan, an Indiana Republican from a "staunch Republican family," who's voted Republican in every presidential election since she was old enough to vote for Richard Nixon in 1972 ... is campaigning in her heavily Republican suburb of Indianapolis for ... Barack Obama.

She's profiled, along with other party-switching Republicans, in Saturday's NewYorkTimes.

Rush Limbaugh's daily radio stumping for Hillary, to throw a monkey-wrench into any projected Democratic sweep in November, worries some people, but not me.

Republican voters interviewed for the Times article "said that Mr. Limbaugh was not a factor in their decision to vote in the Democratic primary, and that it was the issues that propelled them."

Limbaugh's urging of Republicans to vote for Hillary is purely an exercise in the negative, and though there are no doubt some handful of dark personalities who might vote in a Democratic primary and chuckle about the havoc they're causing, I don't think most people are motivated to throw away their vote out of pure hostility. Not this year anyway.

Anyway, eventually, when this looong primary season is over for the Democrats, the spotlight is going to shift back to John McCain and what sort of mortal he is and what sort of president he'll make. Limbaugh would clearly like to keep the spotlight on Clinton and off those other age spots.

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