Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Madam Virginia Foxx is in a locked room in Washington today with other members of the Republican U.S. Congress, trying to come up with a new slogan for their party. It's got to be catchy, something that will snatch GOP chestnuts out of the fire before they explode ... since, after all, a mere slogan will convince voters to ignore the reality of the last seven years.

Apparently, "Change You Deserve" just ain't ringing any chimes.

The Republican Study Committee, of which Madam Foxx is a member, offers some of the sharpest minds of the 19th Century, so our money's on them. If bright lights like Patrick McHenry, Sue Myrick, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and Michele Bachman (most famous for going mano-a-mano with Foxx over smooching rights to George W. Bush's face) can't come up with something nifty-keen, then there's no such thing as Dr. Seuss or Disney Land and Mother Goose, no nursery rhymes.

"The Republican Party -- Not Just for the Rich Any More"

"Scaring America into a New Century"

"Honk If You Love Preemptive War!"

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