Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Buffoon Bites Back

Everyone will be talking today and for days afterward about the new Scott McClellan account of his years as Bush White House press secretary. Politico's Mike Allen has the first sneak peak at its contents.

McClellan was widely viewed as a buffoon and a company suck from July 2003 to April 2006, his tenure as press secretary. Now he'll be a hero to Democrats for at least a day, a traitor to the Republicans for the rest of his life. For me it's hard to gin up much sympathy for the guy who is now in effect apologizing to the American people for lying to them repeatedly, day after day, about matters that stab to the soul of our identity as a nation ... lying with a big grin on that beefeater's face.

My first reaction on hearing the contents of his book? Shut up, please. Go cover yourself in ashes and dress your naked flesh in a tow-sack and sit in penance at the main gate of Arlington National Cemetery ... if you want to repent. Don't sell books.

I'll get over my disdain, maybe by the end of the day. But at the moment I'm feeling mean and unforgiving ... to be told at this late date that everything we thought all along about this administration and its nasty war were true.

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