Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why Won't Walter Dalton Debate?

Walter Dalton, N.C. state senator representing Cleveland and Rutherford counties, is the presumed front-runner as the next Democratic Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina. We haven't a clue why. But apparently, he's the choice for the job among "the Democratic establishment," and we're supposed to KNOW that, evidently by osmosis.

But there are three other guys running. We've met all three of them because they've all three been in Watauga County and all three have asked for our support: Dan Besse, current Winston-Salem city councilman; Pat Smathers, current mayor of Canton; and Hampton Dellinger, deputy attorney general of North Carolina. Far as we can tell, all three are worthy men with credentials galore and outlooks that appeal to us.

Walter Dalton has not been in Watauga County that we know of, and apparently he doesn't need to ask for anyone's vote because he's already the presumptive heir to the office.

Public Policy Polling pretty much nails what's wrong with this picture.

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