Saturday, December 15, 2007

Huckabee Breaks With Bush Over Iraq

Uh-oh. The current front-runner and God's Own Candidate says George W. Bush is an arrogant little prick. (God sure is fickle.)

Do we detect, not the hand of the Lord, but the calculations of Republican political strategist Ed Rollins, appointed only yesterday by Huckabee as his national campaign chairman? Rollins hasn't been much involved in presidential politics since Ross Perot seemed like a fresh idea.

Huckabee's bold bid to challenge Ron Paul for a little of the Republican anti-war vote is on the one hand very smart. The Republican candidates have GOT to get George W. Bush off their backs, and merely refusing to utter his name at their candidate debates hardly does the trick. On the other hand, Huckabee's wading into the Iraq policy quagmire may only remind people that he might not be able to find the place on a world globe, not without a head start and a little prompting. Foreign policy ain't Huckabee's strong suit. In fact, having Huckabee as the Republican nominee would more than anything make people forget about Obama's relative lack of the same expertise.

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