Thursday, December 20, 2007

Free Advice to Rudy Giuliani

Now this story about Rudy "retooling" his failing campaign is just plain alarming, especially this paragraph:
After seeing no results from expensive TV advertising on Boston stations, whose markets include the populous southern part of New Hampshire, he has scaled back. He is spending more time in New Hampshire and waging what some call a "stealth campaign" in Iowa. He is also doing something that is potentially far more challenging for him: He is recasting his belligerent persona. Maybe, he seems to have realized, it's not enough to be the toughest guy on the block.

Has no one suggested to the ex-mayor that he try ... crying? It seems to be working for Mitt the Metrosexual ex-guv of Massachusetts. He's, like, shed tears publicly three times, no? in the last few days alone.

Oh, hey, there's one other thing Rudy could try, though it's a little more extreme: he needs to get himself down to South Carolina, find a tent revival, and get right with God. What's Catholicism done for him? Find Jesus, Mayor, and give Huckabee a run for his money!

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