Monday, December 17, 2007

Cruising New Hampshire

Dipping one or two toes into both Right & Left Blogostan, New Hampshire style, to see what folks are thinking in the state where people will be going to the polls just five days after Iowans have their caucuses. (Thanks to Lonnie for the Edwards pix, taken last summer during his campaign swing through eastern Kentucky.)

Monday Morning Clacker foretells a whole new ballgame for Edwards in New Hampshire, IF -- a mighty big if it is, too -- he comes in first in the Iowa caucuses. May be nothing more than a caffeine prediction, but it's kind of nice to see our North Carolina boy getting such good notices in the North woods.

Although the Hillary-Clinton-is-inevitable campaign lined up most of the Democratic party establishment in New Hampshire early on, pglenshaw thinks Hillary's supposed front-runner status was always a mirage ... even before recent polls found her support plunging.

Susan Wessels 'splains why she's wholeheartedly for Obama (and it has nothing to do with hating Hillary).

GraniteGrok, who says he never much cared for Mitt Romney anyway (ever since Mitt dissed Saint Ron Reagan back in 1994, if you have to know), really can't stand 'im now, ever since Mr. Romney teared up on Meet the Press yesterday: "I have thought that, well, I should try to find SOMETHING I can like about Mr. Romney just in case he becomes the Republican nominee." But crying on national TV was NOT the missing something! (That's a "Daddy Party" Republican for you.)

Free State Blogs is a Pauleroid site and incidentally wants to legalize marijuana. (But don't they understand that "legalizing" stuff means getting the government involved?)

Politizine says the resignation of Billy Shaheen, "one of the state's most powerful Democrats," as state co-chair of the Hillary campaign ... over a bit of Obama dirt he was peddling ... has hurt her chances in New Hampshire.

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