Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Fathead Denial of Global Warming

That's Kentucky legislator Jim Gooch, the face of climate "awareness" in the Bluegrass State. Oy! He's a total tool of the greed-head Kentucky coal industry.

Gooch is also the Democratic chair of the Kentucky interim joint Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, and in that role he decided to "educate" fellow state legislators on global warming. His script, if not outright written by the coal industry, at least warmed the carbon cockles of its so-called heart.

Instead of inviting actual scientists to discuss the latest data, Gooch hosted a lawyer from an Exxon-Mobile free-market think-tank (who outright lied to the legislators: "Most scientists don't believe in global warming") and a member of the British aristocracy who wants HIV-infected persons locked up for life (no, really), hates Al Gore as much as he hates gays, and denies that global warming has anything to do with carbon dioxide. The Lexington Herald-Leader provides generous coverage of the clown-car.

Some Kentuckians buy this crap. Some North Carolinians, too.

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