Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Virginia Foxx: "Foreclosure Got You Down? Take a Chill Pill, Bill"

Madam Foxx: The foreclosure crisis isn't so bad as the goddamn media is making it out to be, and anyway, even if it is bad, you can call this helpline I'm going to give you, and a non-governmental expert will COMMISERATE with you for, oh, 15 minutes, which should make you feel just spiffy about the shithole you're in, and it won't involve the government. We don't EVER want the government involved, do we? You got bootstraps, don't you? Well, pull 'em up!

Meanwhile, foreclosures in Iredell County, part of The Madam's congressional district, are on their way to breaking the all-time high, which was set last year (910 foreclosures in 2006, already 860 for 2007).

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