Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cruising Iowa

Been dipping into the Iowa blogosphere for any insight into the political contests in both parties, which will be coming to a throbbing head very, very soon.

A College Republican gives his thoughts on all his party's candidates. Bottomline: he'll support even Giuliani against ANY Democrat.

Daren Jaques addresses "My Foolish Fellow Republicans" for stampeding toward Huckleberry: "We have lost our way, and while many of you evangelical Republicans might not think you want people like me in your party, you just may get your wish."

Lynda Waddington complains that Barak Obama doesn't "get" Iowa politics, in that he eschews gatherings of fewer than 20 people. Apparently, Iowans like their politicians in their individual kitchens putting on coffee and making sticky buns.

An Iowa social conservative who favors Giuliani says he's increasingly uncomfortable with "the campaign of Mike Huckabee and the influence of evangelical Christians in Iowa." (Whatever caucus he attends should be livelier for his presence!)

Though he says he would be proud to call any of the Democratic candidates "our nominee," Chris Woods allows as how he plans to caucus for John Edwards: "...he is the candidate with the experience and leadership to challenge the status quo."

The Caucus Cooler alleges that Rudy Giuliani has a clever and effective strategy in Iowa, letting everyone believe he's not even trying to win with caucus goers when in actuality he's got a mail campaign going that's gonna help him "cruise to a strong finish." Me thinks Caucus Cooler has been smoking dope, or something stronger.

iPol thinks that Hillary Clinton made a huge strategic blunder in portraying herself to Iowans as The One to Beat.

The Real Sporer confidently predicts a "brokered convention" for the Republicans, gloating visibly that Rudy can't -- won't -- get the nomination outright.

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