Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Days We'd Like To Be an Iowan

...just to be, you know, RELEVANT in the presidential primary campaign instead of totally useless (except as a state to suck money out of. We're looking at YOU, Hillary).

Trying to understand the Iowa caucus system gives us a migraine, so we're relying on a handful of Iowa blogs as our crystal balls on what's going on, up and out there.

The Caucus Cooler is a Republican site with what appears to be state party insider poop on the major struggles for power. Leans toward Romney, but was gloating today that the Des Moines Register's endorsement of McCain was helping the senator while simultaneously hurting Huckabee. Takes a swipe at Fred Thompson, too, for deciding -- just 15 days before the caucuses -- to mount a campaign. Apparently, Thompson has attracted the support of a big NRA dude in Iowa (not to mention Congressman Steve King), and NRA members could make a difference for Thompson on the evening of January 3rd, since they don't mind going out in the cold.

African-Americans constitute only 2.3 percent of Iowa's population, but Dana Boone says that many of them are mobilizing to make an impact at the caucuses. They're not universally for Barak Obama.

Just stumbled across "God, Politics, and Rock 'n' Roll," a joint blog between two soon-to-be-married Iowans. She's a liberal Unitarian-Universalist (is that redundant?) who supports Obama. He's a born-again Rudy Giuliani supporter. Will this marriage last? Inquiring minds want to know (also how does a born-again defend Giuliani? We obviously didn't read deeply enough in the archives to get to the bottom of that burning question).

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